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Service Support
With the service concept of "Quality Service, Professional Guarantee", Xindalu uses high-standard service and professional technical force to meet the diverse customized needs of customers, manufacture, and provide a full range of after-sales services.

Quick response:
If customers have technical service requirements during product use, professional customer service personnel and technicians can respond by telephone or mail within 8 hours to ensure that customers receive timely technical support and answers to difficult problems, providing customers with accurate services. At the same time, according to customer needs, provide a comprehensive solution within 48 hours.

Based on the premise that the equipment is safe and reliable, after-sales engineers will provide professional maintenance services for the equipment according to the needs of customers, to find problems in time, eliminate them, and give professional maintenance suggestions.
Product Quality Assurance Commitment
The design and production of all products provided by the Xindalu are strictly controlled by the ISO9001 quality management system. Xindalu promises that every product it provides is complete, with product qualification certificates, product warranty cards, and other information. If one of them is found to be missing, they can refuse to sign and re-deliver the products that meet the requirements within the delivery period specified in the contract.
1. Warranty certificate
Please keep the product warranty card properly. If the warranty card is lost, it will not be reissued. Please keep the invoice or relevant valid proof of purchase. If you are unable to provide the warranty card or relevant proof of purchase, the starting date of the product warranty period will be based on the date the product leaves the factory.
2. Warranty terms
As Taizhou CINDELU Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides products under the "CINDELU" brand. During the warranty period, if there is a hardware failure, you can get free warranty service.
The company will have the right to charge maintenance fees if it falls under the following factors:
1. Products with torn or obscure factory number labels.
2. Damages caused by accidents, earthquakes, fires, floods, lightning or other natural disasters, and use, maintenance, and storage that do not follow the operating requirements of the manual;
3. Failures caused by falling, collision, or dismantling, refitting, and repairing without the authorization of the company.
4. The product malfunctions due to force majeure.
5. Due to the use of supporting equipment that does not conform to the company's products;
6. Caused by other reasons that have nothing to do with product quality.
7. This warranty policy is only applicable to product warranty of domestic sales channels.
Note: The company reserves the right to modify the above regulations and has the final right to interpret the warranty service without violating national laws.
Upgrade service
We have a professional team that can upgrade products according to customer needs
After sale support
Warranty service
8-hour response, comprehensive delivery within 48 hours
Solution, solve problems for customers in the first time
During the warranty period, if the parts are damaged due to quality reasons, we will provide free maintenance and replacement
Service Commitment
Training Services
Tailor-made training for different customers, free technical training