The Power to Surprise
2021 Awarded " Specialization, Excellence, Innovation" 
Enterprise  in Zhejiang and other 3 honors. 
2022  Awarded " DEFINED QUALITY" product
2019:Awarded ‘Patent Demonstration Enterprise’;
2020:Moved to new factory in Eastern New Center;
2020:Selected into the name list of government supporting
enterprises in Zhejiang Province
2017:New factory in Eastern New Center was put into
2017:R&D of the third generation rebar tying machine
         and rebar cutter;
2018:Awarded ‘Taizhou R & D Center’ and ‘Wenling Top
        100 Enterprises’;

2015:Obtained ISO9001. Xindalu rebar tying machine was
         awarded‘Key Technological Innovation Project of
         Zhejiang Province’
2016:Awarded ‘National High-tech Enterprise’, ‘Zhejiang
         Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized
         Enterprise’ and ‘Wenling Technology Center’
2013:Cooperated with BN company in USA;
2014:Awarded ‘Taizhou High-tech Enterprise’;
2010:Moved to Nanhuan Road, Wenling;
2010:Participated in the Cologne Hardware Fair and
         began the cooperation with UNIMERCO ;
2012:Visited KYOCERA UNIMERCO' factory in Europe;
1999:The predecessor of Xindalu, Wenling Hengfa Standard
         Parts Factory was established;
2008:Xindalu was established and began to research and
         develop rebar tying machine;